Feb 18, 2017

The Hipeter Fair 2017

Hi there! 
I am participatng in The Hipster Fair 2017 and released a new accessory for it.
 LIKKA*HOUSE Bowtie Necklace

You can change color by HUD and it is 50% off only on this event !

and more...
 LIKKA*HOUSE &-Necklace: The Hipster Fair 2017 1L Gift

The Hipster Fair 2017
2017.Feb.17th - mar 3rd

Nov 9, 2016

*NEW* Tiny Whisper Earrings & The Old Fair

New release

LIKKA*HOUSE Tiny Whisper Earrings

You can change roses in two colors and select metal as gold or silver by HUD.


I am participated in The Old Fair.
My exclusive item (50% OFF only at this fair) is...

LIKKA*HOUSE Cropped Blouse -flowers-

...and 1L Gift

LIKKA*HOUSE Coin pendant: The Old Fair 1L Gift

The Old Fair
4-25 Nov. 2016

Oct 27, 2016

The Boho Cultue Fair 2016

I participated in TBCF2016.
My exclusive items and 1L$ gift are waiting you :)

LIKKA*HOUSE Cropped Blouse -check- :TBCF2016 Exclusives - 50%OFF

LIKKA*HOUSE Wooden Chip Hanging Earrings :TBCF2016 1L Gift

The boho Culture Fair 2016
2016 Oct. 22 - Nov. 4