Oct 12, 2014

The Boho Culture Fair III

The Boho Culture Fair has started yesterday.
My exclusive items are


Fitted  mesh maxiskirts.
They require fitted mesh viewer.
So it is recommended to try the demo first.

Exclusives are 50%off price at TBCF III.
You will save one to buy an all 3 colors pack.

1L$ Gift
LIKKA*HOUSE Wooden Chip Earriing

The Boho Culture Fair III

Oct 4, 2014

RMK Gothic Halloween 2014

Halloween event at RMK Gothic has started!
In this year, you should be the student ot the Magic Academy. 
You will learn the magic, earn game coins and play Dream Gacha!
Gacha item from my store is here.

 LIKKA*HOUSE Baby Pumpkin :RMK Gothic Halloween Dream Gacha

There are so many marvelous items in Dream Gacha.
More informations >> http://rmkghost.blogspot.jp
Start point >> RMK Gothic

And I made new gacha for this Halloween.
It is available in RMK Gothic Halloween Market and my main store.

LIKKA*HOUSE Flying Bat Choker (50L$ per item)

Sep 8, 2014

Twisted Gacha -Fall 2014-

Twisted Gacha
 ---off course it involved in Twisted Hunt Fall 2014--- 
is out in my new mainstore now.
I made pierce earrings which are matchaing to Twisted Hunt prize.

 LIKKA*HOUSE Flying Time Pierce

50L$ per 1 item.
During Twisted Hunt period only.

And don't miss the Twisted Hunt Prize :D